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About BananaDesk

Launching a hostel is hard. Keeping it alive is even harder. Our mission is to help hostel owners, like you, establish and build successful hostels.

BananaDesk is a product we built (and continue to build) with the goal of helping you establish and grow a successful hostel. We aren't a software provider - think of us instead as your partner in crime :)

Meet the Team

Photo for Germán De Sousa

Germán De Sousa

Software Developer

Germán is finishing his Computer Science Master in Universidad de Buenos Aires. Enjoys gaming, music and dragons. He is a basketball enthusiast with under-average playing skills...

Photo for Lucía Bedetti

Lucía Bedetti

Account Executive & Support

Lucia has a background in Social Communication and is a graduate on wine sommellerie. She’s passionate about movies, music and cooking, and she prefers to enjoy them with a glass of wine on her hand. That is, as long as she’s not camping with her backpack on some lake in the Argentinian Patagonia, where she was born and raised.

Photo for Ezequiel Moljo

Ezequiel Moljo


Ezequiel’s perspective as a hostel owner motivated him to create BananaDesk. Before managing hostels in Argentina, he backpacked throughout Europe, Israel, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Brasil, and Uruguay. Ezequiel has backpacker blood. He’s been in the backpacker movement in Argentina since the beginning.

Photo for Tim Zenderman

Tim Zenderman

CEO & Founder

Tim has a BA in Economics & Accounting from Claremont McKenna College. Tim’s hobbies include backpacking, sailing, windsurfing, travelling, drinking mate, and travelling! If he’s not working on BananaDesk or traveling, he’s learning something new.

Photo for Luisina Cimatti

Luisina Cimatti

Content Writer & Researcher

Luisina has a BA in Tourism and is currently pursuing an MBA from Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Lu enjoys writing, reading and talking to people. She's super curious and passionate about learning new things, that's why she loves traveling so much!

Photo for Scott Kosch

Scott Kosch

Chairman & Co-Founder

Scott has a BA in Economics and Psychology from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from The Wharton School at UPENN. Scott’s travelled extensively throughout Europe, the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Russia. Next spot: South America!

Photo for Patrick Popovich

Patrick Popovich

Customer Success & Support

Patrick is a radio man and a trained voice talent that has a deep passion for learning and trying new things. Always reading something and planning his next burger-eating quest. You'll usually see him riding his bicycle when not in front of his gaming pc.

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