Simple management for small properties

Avoid overbookings. Synchronize your offer. Simplify your life.

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Calendar page with reservations in Bananadesk Web App

Synchronization of booking channels

92% of OTA reservations come from four sales channels. Bottom line: You don't need a Channel Manager to connect with 100+ channels.

Only what you need

Connect your reception with the most important booking channels:, Airbnb, Expedia and Hostelworld. We help you develop a solid strategy for each one.

No overbookings

Beyond the inevitable coincidence (some people book the last room at the same time), overbooking occurs when you don't have a synchronized system for booking channels. We work to avoid the avoidable and alleviate the unavoidable.

Control your offer from one place

Define your strategy, and we implement it in every channel. Bananadesk can be the place where you establish your single source of truth regarding your offer.

Booking engine optional

Already have a marketing strategy or website? We have the perfect tool to start making you independent from the main channels. * 4% per processed booking.

Easy to learn and use

We work every day to simplify property management for you. If something is unclear, it has no place in Bananadesk.

No demo or manual

Bananadesk is self-service, you can find out how to take advantage of it quickly without any extra help. Besides that, we are there to answer any questions.

No "academy" or "university"

You don't need to be a Certified User to use our property management system, do you? We focus on offering you everything we know to help you progress as a property manager.

Organize your guests' accounts easily

In BananaDesk, you've got everything your front desk needs, at a glance. You can see who is in a reservation, each of the rooms they occupy, any extras they have purchased (like a beer, towel or tour), and the current balance - all on one simple screen.

Manage your bookings easily

Organize your front desk with the tool all receptionists learn quickly. With BananaDesk, your receptionists manage reservations how they really are (in groups, in multiple rooms, etc). Updating a reservation, like moving rooms or extending nights is just a simple 'click and drag' away.

Human support

There are people with a lot of experience and friendly treatment at your side :)

No bots

Get concrete answers, from real people, not algorithms or 'smart' bots that only waste your time.

We are responsible

We solve real problems (your problems) and we learn. With almost 10 years of existence, we stand out in the excellent support we provide.

Direct contact

We are here to support you, not to complicate your life with intermediaries. Contact us and we will answer you directly.

People you know

We are the same as always, our customers have an average of +3 years with us. You already know us.

And more!

Just the right features


Manage your property the way you operate - with rates per room or per bed.


Put an end to confusion or lack of responsibility in tasks. Invite your team, and define who gets access to what.


Selling tours, beer, or renting bikes? Manage sales for everything you offer.


Manage different types of taxes across your rooms and extras.

Some reviews

This is what they say about us in

"The best, most user-friendly PMS with great customer service"

Michael V. / Administrator

Hospitality, 1-10 employees

Used the software for: 2+ years

Pros: It's very straightforward software and therefore it's very easy to teach new users all the functions and features in a short period of time.

Cons: It's built-in channel manager only connects to and Hostelworld. But, since those are the main booking sites, it's not a huge inconvenience.

"Banana Desk has stopped our business going bananas"

Luke S. / Hostel owner

Hospitality, 1-10 employees

Used the software for: 2+ years

Pros: BananaDesk is extremely user-friendly bright and colorful - a joy to behold. It makes managing the beds in our hostel so very straightforward. And their helpdesk is brilliantly always on hand, if needed - which because their whole setup is rarely needed :)

Pros: Nothing springs to mind. Maybe if there was a way to color new reservations differently if they arrived in need of being pieced together - jumbled because of limited availability in a certain bed, sometimes we don't spot it until the last minute, but that's probably an impossibility. I must tell them. They've probably got a solution for that.

"Useful and essential tool"

Veronica R. / manager

Arts and Crafts, Self-employed

Used the software for: 2+ years

If you think about managing a hostel or hotel, it is essential to think about this TOOL. . Banana desk gives you all the solutions to manage and sell your rooms from one place and through all the pages you want without the possibility of overselling. The human team is always attentive to your questions. It is a useful and essential tool.

It would be important to have an option to see the reservations entered on each page, and also to be able to manage better from the phone.

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Simple management for small properties

Avoid overbookings. Synchronize your offer. Simplify your life.