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What our customers are saying

“BananaDesk has tremendously streamlined our front desk, reservation management and check-ins / outs. Now, at check-out, we can easily see if a guest owes anything on his account.”

Why BananaDesk?

Intuitive and Cloud-based Design

Simple and intuitive hostel software. With BananaDesk, you now have the tools to manage your hostel efficiently, from anywhere. BananaDesk is cloud-based and secure too, so you won't lose your data when your hard drive crashes. And, you can use it from home or on the go.

Business Intelligence

Visualize your hostel’s performance. You don't have to be a data scientist to see your occupancy, yield and other important metrics. Recognize your most valuable guests and what booking channels they use. How much do you spend on breakfast per guest? There's so much more.

Integration that Works

Reduce overbooking and admin time. Our built-in Channel Manager pulls in your reservations and pushes out your availability to all your channels. Automagically with 2-way sync. Leave overbooking behind you with less headaches, a better reputation and more profits.