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Front Desk Platform

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Property Management

  • Manage your business from one place and organize your guests' accounts.
  • Train your receptionists to run the front desk, so they can be self-sufficient quickly.
  • Reservations Calendar with easy 'drag and drop'.
  • Manage account balances for your reservations and guests.
  • Manage Extras and sales (anything non-accomodation, like drinks, bike rentals, and more).
  • Send emails to guests.
  • Export data to Excel.
  • Data backed up every 5 minutes.
  • A ton more that BananaDesk will help you with (so you don't go crazy).

Channel Management

  • Synchronize your front desk with your sales channels and protect your hostel from overbookings.
  • Reservations processed and received at your front desk automatically.
  • Availability and rates automatically updated when they change in BananaDesk (no more logging into multiple Backoffice's!).
  • Automatic email alerts when there is no room (possible overbooking) for a channel reservation.
  • Direct Connection with Booking.com and Hostelworld.
  • Connections to hundreds of channels through Myallocator (sold separately).

Booking Engine

(Website, Facebook, etc.)
per booking
  • Optimize: Make more money by bringing down your hostel's commissions with direct bookings.
  • Unique URL for your property - use it on your website, Facebook, WhatsApp or anywhere else.
  • Upload personalized photos and descriptions for each of your room types.
  • Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop to maximize conversions on your direct reservations.
  • No-Show Protection: If your guest doesn't show up, we'll charge them the first night of their booking.
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Your new world - With BananaDesk

BananaDesk Pricing

Get your peace of mind back. With BananaDesk, all of your reservations are always at your front desk, and your availability is always up-to-date on all of your sales channels.

It gives me peace of mind, not having to always be on the computer monitoring the channels for new bookings. With BananaDesk, it's as if we had a mini receptionist working 24 hours a day for us.

Photo of Beatrice Silvestrini

Beatrice Silvestrini

Pura Guajira Hostel


You're in good hands

BananaDesk Team

Customer service is one of the top reasons people switch to BananaDesk.

  • Chat support inside your account. Just like the one on this page!
  • Concierge onboarding to help you get setup as fast as possible.

Life is definitely easier now. BananaDesk has streamlined our reception, so it's easier to train new receptionists than ever before. At a glance, I can easily monitor what's happening at our hostels, and I am confident that our reservations are being handled correctly.

Photo of Lachlan Friedwald

Lachlan Friedwald

Hostel One Prague


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