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Updates from BananaDesk

Starting today, we have a new space to share updates from BananaDesk

Picture of Eugenio Monforte

Eugenio Monforte

Product Manager

Image for Blog Post: Updates from BananaDesk

We know that sometimes it seems that nothing happens in BananaDesk (that we only respond to messages in the chats), and also that sometimes we launch features that nobody knows about...

That's why we decided to create this space to communicate the changes we are making in Bananadesk, explain the problems we are trying to solve, and the solution that we are implementing.

The idea is to publish regularly on issues related to BananaDesk as a product but also as a company.

This space will be easily accessible from the main menu of BananaDesk, under the Account link.

View of the options menu, with a highlighted link to Whats new section

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