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Primer Congreso Internacional de Hostels in Bariloche

On November 23, 24 and 25, the Primer Congreso Internacional de Hostels was held in Bariloche (Argentina).

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Primer Congreso Internacional de Hostels will be held on 23, 24 and 25 November. The city of San Carlos de Bariloche, in the province of Río Negro, will be the meeting point.

Centro Cívico seen from Puerto San Carlos - Photo by Andrew Svk at Unsplash


The organizers want to create a space that contributes to the professionalization of the business models of Argentine hostels.

It is a chance to meet, share experiences, and consolidate a network for the #HostelCommunity.


During the 3 days will be held:

  • Comradeship dinner
  • Workshops to address the different problems of the sector.
  • Conferences by experts in entrepreneurship, organizational productivity and digital marketing.
  • Official presentation of the Asociación Federal Hostels de Argentina

Centro Cívico seen from Puerto San Carlos - Photo by Jeffrey Eisen at Unsplash

BananaDesk in Bariloche :)

As BananaDesk, we are supporting the Asociación Civil y Federal Hostels de Argentina in this event because we know that it is very important to create these spaces where people who manage this type of accommodation can exchange and discuss the current situation of hostels and create networks.

Several members of the Bananadesk team will present during the 3 days of the event looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new members of the hostelling community

Reviviendo Hostel

Berkana Hostel del Lago

Moving Hostel Travel Bar

Sun Hostel Bariloche

Hostel Like Quijote

Cinerama Hostel

La Casona Hostel

Hopa Home Hostel

If you are interested in being part of the event

To find out more, visit the Association's website at

This is the registration form

Accommodation in some of the best hostels in Bariloche:

How to get to Bariloche?

Find out where to stay, eat and do in Bariloche

Hope to see you there!

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