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BananaDesk Property Management at your Front Desk

Simplify your front desk and avoid overbookings

Don't have time for anything anymore? Make your front desk work without you being on top of every little thing your receptionists do - so you can dedicate your time to growing your hostel.

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Control your hostel from one place

In hostels, 91% of OTA reservations come from two sales channels: Booking.com and Hostelworld. Bottom line: You don't need a Channel Manager to connect with 100 channels. You need to connect your front desk with just the most important channels.

Front Desk + Channel Manager

Optional Booking Engine

Backpackers don't send messages anymore. They want their booking confirmed now. Help them book instantly with your own Booking Engine. See more →

Dorm Room
Freddie Mercury
Dorm Room
Robert Plant
Dorm Room
Thom Yorke
Dorm Room
Freddie Mercury
Dorm Room
Robert Plant


Manage your bookings easily

Organize your front desk with the tool all receptionists learn quickly. With BananaDesk, your receptionists manage reservations how they really are (in groups, in multiple rooms, etc). Updating a reservation, like moving rooms or extending nights is just a simple 'click and drag' away.

Organize your guests' accounts easily

In BananaDesk, you've got everything your front desk needs, at a glance. You can see who is in a reservation, each of the rooms they occupy, any extras they have purchased (like a beer, towel or tour), and the current balance - all on one simple screen.


Everything you need - nothing more.


BananaDesk is cloud-based, so it's available everywhere you are.


BananaDesk backs up your data every 5 minutes, so you'll never lose your data again. Not to mention that we're also PCI compliant!


BananaDesk works on every platform: Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS. All you need is a modern web browser :).

Channels Integration

Reservations are imported, and availability is pushed, all automatically and in real time.

Dorms & Private Rooms

Manage your property the way you operate - with rates per room or per bed.


Invite your team, and define who gets access to what.


Selling tours, beer, or renting bikes? Manage sales for everything you offer.


Manage different types of taxes across your rooms and extras.

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