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Are overbookings and high staff rotation making you sweat?

Hostel Overbooking Problem

Simplify your front desk and protect your property from overbookings

Hostel Overbooking Solution - BananaDesk

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How it works

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Drag any reservation to a new room to see what happens ;)
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Manage your reservations easily

  • Manage groups as they really are
    Manage reservation groups
  • Check-ins

Manage groups as they really are

Manage reservation guests together, even if they are split in different rooms. Make room changes easily with drag and drop, and keep track of individual tabs (non-lodging purchases and payments).

Check in guests quickly

Give structure to your receptionists, and give them the tools they need to check in guests, quickly and efficiently: add each guests' info, take payment on arrival, and guide the guest to their room or bed.

Manage reservation groups

Organize your guest accounts easily

  • Reservation details
  • Manage key deposits
    Key deposits
  • Reservation extras
Reservation Details
Key Deposits
Reservation Extras

Get clarity for each reservation

See who, when, where, and how much for each reservation - in a glimpse. Each guest's info, what room they're in (or moving to), what they've purchased, and what they've paid is easy to find and just a mouse click away.

Manage key deposits

Take key deposits at check-in and return them at check-out. Make it easy for your front desk, so they never forget to get that key deposit again.

Sell beer or tours? Rent bikes?

Take care of all those non-bed sales with Extras. You can use Extras to manage sales for anything like selling beer or tours, renting bikes, etc.

Scared of training new receptionists and volunteers regularly?

Don't be. Receptionists learn BananaDesk fast.

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Lachlan Friedewald


I frequently train new receptionists and have taught at least 20-30 people how to use BananaDesk over the last 2 years. Since switching systems, we have seriously simplified our reception. It is significantly easier to train new receptionists, and there is less room for error.


Everything you need - nothing more


BananaDesk is cloud-based, so it's available everywhere you are.


BananaDesk backs up your data every 5 minutes. Never lose your data ever again.


BananaDesk works on every platform: Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS.

Channels Integration

Reservations are imported, and availability is pushed, all automatically and in real time.

Dorms & Private Rooms

Manage your property the way you operate - with rates per room or per bed.


Invite your team, and define who gets access to what.


Selling tours, beer, or renting bikes? Manage sales for everything you offer.


Manage different taxes across your rooms and extras.

Try it free for 14 days

Join hundreds of other hostels managing their hostel the simple way