Positive reviews are also important

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In a previous post, we told you about how to handle negative reviews: the importance of answering them and offering the guest a solution to the problem. This is essential because travelers pay a lot of attention to review sites when they want to choose a hostel or hotel or even a restaurant.

However, positive reviews are also important and they require specific actions too.

Answer positive reviews as well as negative ones

When customers write positive reviews, they will be glad if you thank them. It will result in further positive feelings between the hostel and the guest, and this will encourage the guest to help you with "word of mouth" recommendations. Also when travelers read comments they will see that you devote time to answer both positive and negative comments, which creates a positive, proactive and caring image of your hostel.

Show the comments

A positive comment is an excellent marketing tool to improve your hostel's reputation. So when a guest writes good stuff about your hostel, seize the opportunity! How can you do this? Have a section for these quotes on your website or share the review on your social Networks.

How to make guests leave reviews?

To begin with, it is essential to pay attention to details: it's all about exceeding the customer's expectations with those little things that will surprise them.

There are people who write reviews on Foursquare, TripAdvisor or Google as soon as they leave a hostel or a restaurant. But there are also people who are not motivated to write reviews.
So what can you do to encourage them?

We suggest 3 options:

  • By phone: this strategy is only for those guests with whom you were able to build a relationship during their stay. You can call them and ask them to tell the world about their experience.
  • By email: you can ask guests for their emails when they check in and suggest they write reviews on particular websites. You can ask those with Gmail accounts to leave a comment on Google Places.
  • Guestbook: this can sound old-fashioned, but if you have a guestbook you can transcribe the comments to your web or blog.

Make it easy for them! If you are going to send guests an email, make sure you give them the link where they can leave a review.

Tip: don't offer your guests rewards for leaving comments. Most of them will do this for free and you would also be violating the terms of most of OTAs and review websites.

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