Increase direct bookings

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When the first pages of bookings emerged, hoteliers saw them as an excellent advertising tool and also a place to offer their last minute beds available cheaper. These pages began to have an unexpected growth gaining absolute trust and credibility ratings, and 64% of travelers (from the number of bookings received in BananaDesk since September 2013) prefer to book their bed through a channel instead of doing it straight through the hostel.

Booking Channels

In booking channels, travelers have the possibility to compare prices, location, etc, and have the ability to read reviews of other guests about the hostels! When travelers make a reservation at a booking channel they know that if they have any problems in the hostel (the room is not what they expected, cleaning, service, etc.) they can, at least share their experience on the website.

Direct Bookings

Currently the world of hostels intends to receive again reservations directly into their webs, without mediators, mainly because of the increasing demands that are coming from the channels of online booking. But how?

Increasing the flow of visitors to the website:

As restaurateurs our first objective is that travelers come to our website and increase the flow of visitors to book from there. Our job is to make things easy for travelers. One way to increase the flow to your site is having a blog hostel, you'll find ideas and examples in this post: why and on what
We suggest you to create contents in different formats to reach as much public as possible: attractive videos from your hostel, photos of guests in common areas, people enjoying their stay and having fun.
Here are 5 ways to improve your appearance in Google results: It's not an easy job: it takes time, effort and creativity, but it is worth it!

Including Social Networks:

A well-planned activity on social networks will also increase the flow of visitors and will get close to future guests. From a Facebook profile, you have the possibility to show your hostel and also do promotions only for a close circle, giving this privilege to your most loyal guests. Learn how to use Twitter to spread your community: In this post we tell you the keys to social network bird.

Advertising on Google:

Adwords Campaigns can be planned according to every budget and are most effective when displayed to your public segmented by age, country, city and searches.

Showing an attractive web:

Of course that none of our suggestions work, if our website doesn't have the appropiate charm and the necessary information for tourists. In this post you'll find step by step how to make a nice and cheap good website with Wordpress
Also examples of creative websites are shown here
A key point: it's important that you include professional photos of the best areas of your hostel such as common spaces and landscapes surrounding the hostel or rooms.

Receiving reservations from your web:

Am I prepared to receive bookings from my site? Having a booking widget is easy, href="" MyAllocator offers an editable widget that suits your style. And do not forget the button "Book Now" to be striking enough to invite future guests to take the plunge. The page has to be connected with your PMS for all reservations to be automatically updated.

Direct communication:

Another key point is to have direct communication channels with the hostel, easy to find (phone, email, address). Some sites even list the names of the people at the reception, this gives the traveler greater sense of trust and closeness.
A good idea might be to offer travelers who book from the site, an additional benefit as an invitation to a guided tour or an output. This even will influence the final decision of the traveler when choosing your hostel.
We said that one of the advantages of the OTAs is the ability to see the opinions of other travelers. So let's give the traveler the possibility to post on the site comments from guests who visited our hostel.
You can also do a survey through Google Drive or Tripadvisor and publish it in your page!