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What are Hostelworld Non-Refundable Rates?

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Tim Zenderman

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So, what's all the chatter about Hostelworld's non-refundable rates? We're here to help you clear up the confusion. Basically, you have two rates in your Hostelworld account:

  1. Standard Rate
  2. Non-refundable rate

1. Standard Rate

As a hostel owner, this is the rate that you've always set in your Hostelworld inbox. Pretty much the same since the beginning, guests have the option to cancel, but if they cancel within 24 hours of their arrival, you can charge them the first night stay. If they change their mind earlier, then you can't charge them (unless you specify otherwise in your Hostelworld listing).

2. Non-refundable rates

Your Non-refundable Rate is basically a cheaper rate, but without any way for the guest to cancel. If the guest decides to cancel, or no-show, you have the right to charge them for the entire reservation, regardless of how far in advance they cancel.

Side Note: Hostelworld Deposits

This is a bit confusing (when talking about Standard Rates and Non-Refundable Rates), but deposits on Hostelworld are actually never refundable to the guest. If the guest picks the "Flexible Booking" option, they will be able to cancel the booking (if they picked your Standard Rate), and then re-use that deposit they paid for, on another reservation at another hostel.


Non-refundable rates are cheaper rates, but have an "absolutely no-cancellation possible" policy attached to them. Standard rates are what you've always worked with.

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