Set up your social networks

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Social networks, as we all know, are a great marketing tool that can not be missed, mainly for 2 reasons: its low cost of development and maintenance, and their enormous reach. You want to be on all networks possible, and adapted to the specificities of each one of them in terms of contents and formats. So here's your guide to each of the networks, for you to learn to create and manage your accounts, and to make the most of them.


The Queen of the image offers many possibilities for those who belong to the industry hostels and hotels. While its number of users is less than Facebook and Twitter (Pinterest has about 70 million), it can help you increase your reserves.


It is the first best known social network, with 1 billion users. For this, and for the ability to viralize your content, you must have it! Now, the important thing is to create a fan page, not a user profile. If you already have a profile, create a fan page and not a user profile. If you already have a profile, here's how to turn it into a page. There is also a Facebook tool that can be very useful for you to promote your hostel: Nearby or "Close to you".


Twitter is the social network which provides only 140 characters to communicate, and will allow you to learn more about your guests or travelers, know what they are talking about, and even get involved in those conversations. In addition, it is an excellent tool to spread your news, photos, etc. In this article you'll find all details about how to use it!.

Instagram Instagram is growing every day faster and is nowadays favorites!

Is a must have social media for your hostel, and gives you the chance to publish spontaneous, creative and nice photos as you interact with your community.